Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hello Boyack fans! Wow, what a year!

This letter is about to miss the Christmas deadline, but what can I say? This has been a year of adventure and changes, but one thing stays the same: I’m late wherever I go! Before I start my ramblings about the Oregon Boyacks, I think it’s most important to say in this time of celebrating family, friendships, love, and God’s goodness, that we remember you specifically. This electronic greeting doesn’t come to your door in a crisp bright envelope and stand nicely on your mantle, but it comes with smiles and warm thoughts from my family to yours. We truly wish you a merry Christmas and a joyful new year. May God’s kindness protect and bless you throughout the year.

Lillian and Leah
Lillian (7) is a very busy, independent little lady. She is reading chapter books, like “Charlotte’s Web”, and she is doing well in home school. She has been in swimming and dancing classes this year, and she likes to ride her bike the short distance to class whenever her parents will let her. She tried roller blading to class and I nearly called the police. I gave her a head start and then shadowed her in the car. Short story: I lost her, but it all ended up well. Her favorite programs are Danny Phantom, Clifford, and Martha Speaks. She sings exceptionally well and her voice fills the house. Often. Fills it right to the top and overflowing. And, significantly, she hasn’t climbed into my bed in the middle of the night in the last couple of months. Yes!!!

Rock Stars
 Hannah (12 for one more month) is an amazing young woman. If I start right off by saying how wonderfully she cooks and cleans, I’m going to get in big trouble, so let’s praise her for being responsible and a hard worker. She is in the Jr High school choir – her first participation in public school – and she also sings and plays the piano. I sometimes wonder whether I’m hearing my 12-year old daughter or a professional pop star. OK, so I’m her dad, but seriously, she’s great! She read the Harry Potter series and now she’s working on “Tennis Shoes” book five. She will be your friend for a half gallon of ice cream.

Matrix Chad
Chad (15) is going places I’ve never been! He played football again this year and follows NCAA and pro teams. He took a weight lifting class and is stronger than I ever was, even before I dissolved into a puddle of jelly back in 1997. He’s another musician in the family, and possibly the best. He’s a GENIUS on the ukulele. He picked it up from some friends at school starting last December. He got a cheap little thing for Christmas and has not put it down since. He bought himself a high-quality electric/acoustic, complete with amp and pedal, and now he’s a ukulele rocker. He creates chords, progressions, rhythms, and even lyrics.
This year Chad and I went to a concert of the ukulele legend, Jake Shimabukuro. We also had a great time cycling the San Juan islands with 20 guys and dads from church. In this beautiful setting we experienced physical challenge and refreshing relaxation. But better than those, Chad discovered that he could potentially live on twenty dollars a day. We are men of simple needs.
McKay practicing her "blonde" look

McKay (17) is our first teenage driver. She can even drive stick shift, and she runs errands for Mom in a 1986 Toyota Celica. It’s not much to look at, but I think she likes it a lot. Another great singer, her voice melts my heart. She had a couple of solo roles at the high school this year, and sings in the church choir. She is self-driven in school and is learning math I never had to know and studying anatomy. I’m no help to her when she has a question on homework. Her plan is to become a massage therapist, and she is working that plan.

McKay has a new friend. He’s six months old and twelve inches high: the smallest and busiest dog we’ve ever had. If you need your knees scratched or ketchup cleaned off your face, he’s the man for the job. He’s affectionate and playful and a loved addition to the family and THE LAST PET WE WILL BE GETTING FOR THE NEXT TEN YEARS. That’s the last time I’m saying that for the last time.

Kimber and Ray . . .

Kimber is almost 20, and getting MARRIED! AAAAAH(I’m officially old)HHHH!!! Ray Jessop is the lucky guy. I know – I could knock you over with a feather, right? Ever since he was Han Solo and she was Princess Leia before they were ten, more than a few people have seen this coming.  Kimber says she had this hope since she was six, but she and Ray have spent so much time together I think she thought he was just an annoying brother. But these things change, don’t they?

. . . have many things in common!

In May he returned from serving a mission in New Jersey, and went to work a’wooing, and won her heart handily. He made his proposal on the beach just this month – only about a month after she had picked the wedding date. They plan to be married in March.

She is still taking classes at Chemeketa and teaching at the Dance Studio. She’s also had some success selling her own artwork in the form of painted shirts. She really is an amazing artist!

Wendy, Shar and Sobe to the rescue!

Wendy has been taking it easy this year. She quit teaching early-morning Seminary and sent our kids to public school so that she can catch more daytime television. Ha Ha! But you didn’t even bite on that little tease, did you?

In addition to Seminary and home school, Wendy still teaches singing lessons. She has spent countless hours volunteering at the high school in their theater and music programs. She has become the de facto technical manager of the school’s beautiful new theater and is training students to use the equipment. She also is sharing her artistic talent as she designs and paints the sets there.

Biking Fashion Expert

For myself, I’ve had a few changes in my life this year. I’m now working at Wah Chang in Albany, OR. It’s a great job and it’s much closer to home. This year I had a concern about a school district issue, and got uncharacteristically involved. I joined the Rebel Alliance and we are taking on the Imperial Senate from a rebel base in the Alderan System.

And this year I became a pet owner farmer . I’m in love with eight beautiful hens the idea of providing for my family with resources in the back yard. Every day I run home from work and spend quality time bonding with these magnificent creatures with wide eyes and an intellect to match my own do the necessary chores to keep my livestock healthy.

So that’s the summary! I hope to share a few more details on my blog before the year is out. Here are links to a few stories I've enjoyed writing this year:

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Now to find more time for writing! With five active kids and a super active wife, (and lots of hairbrained adventures of my own) I am getting lots of inspiration of things to write about, but I’m trying hard to keep up and not writing much. I figure that day will come.

So Merry Christmas, and we hope to keep in touch!