Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fighting Evil in Sunday Primary

In my church there is no paid ministry, and we are asked to to a variety of jobs.  Here's a few that I have done:
  • President of the Elder's Quorum (a men's group - actually the younger half of the congregation even though it's called Elder)
  • Counselor to a Bishop - something like an assistant pastor
  • Young Men's Advisor - working with 16 to 18 year old boys once, and 12-13 year olds another time.
  • Choir director - self explanitory
My current job is the best one I have ever had.  It is "Primary Chorister".  I lead the singing for two groups of kids.  One is 3-7 years old, and the other is 8-11.  We sing songs in between little sermons taught by the kids or the primary leaders. 

Today Sister Nelson used an object lesson that involved a whole garlic.  When she told the kids what it was, one eight-year old girl pipes up, "Garlic scares away vampires!". 

And then, in a completely unscripted moment, a ten-year old boy on the back row smiled, revealing two rows of platic green vampire teeth, complete with fangs.

I love primary!

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Shar said...

that. is. amazing.